Southeast Scramble

Welcome to the Southeast Scramble, a Nogi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament named after the dynamic and fast-paced style of grappling it showcases. Our event is modeled after the Eddie Bravo Invitational ruleset, which emphasizes submission grappling and encourages creative and innovative techniques.

SES is organized by Manny Vazquez, a dedicated Mixed Martial Arts practitioner with a passion for promoting Jiu Jitsu in his community. Manny has competed in numerous tournaments and understands the challenges and rewards of training and competing in Jiu Jitsu. His goal is to provide a platform for talented athletes to showcase their skills and to foster a positive and supportive environment for all competitors. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or looking to break into the professional scene, come join us and test your skills against some of the best grapplers in the Southeast!

SES Staff